Are You A Project Car Hell Poster Child?

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The reader response to our Project Car Hell series has been strong, with several of you writing in to describe your own personal eternal vehicular damnations. BrendanSF, however, stands out for the sheer hopeless beauty of his stable of Australian machinery...

BrendanSF suggests that he qualifies as a genuine Jalopnik PCH Poster Child, and we're inclined to agree with him. In his own words, here's what he sees demanding his money and time when he looks out his window:

1967 Camaro SS396 - Purchased 21 years ago, for $500.00, as a high school graduation present to myself
1970 Chevelle SS396 - Numbers matching, slowly rotting roof,and in a lot of pieces. Owned by mom. Next on the restore list.
1971 Monaro - Glad I met Russell, car importer/exporter in Australia. Traded two Camaro convertibles that were in sad shape. A much longer story where I thought it finalized my quest for an Australian car in the USA.
1976 Falcon - "Brendan, had extra space in the container. Figured you might be interested." Thanks Russell.
1973 Ute - Same Russell, repo'ed it from the guy who was supposed to buy but never paid. "Brendan, yours for a song." Thanks Russell.
1974 One Tonner Ute - Thrown in with the song deal above. My uncle thought it was cool, so off to his yard it went. Basket case of a vehicle.

So we figure BrendanSF has likely earned this week's PCH Poster Child honors, though we need to formalize it by doing the democracy thing and letting our readers put it to a vote. If you think your own personal Project Car Hell qualifies you for future Poster Child consideration, tell us all about your nightmare projects past or present (in excruciating detail, because it's Friday and you need a break from The Man's cruel salt mine) and we'll see about making this a regular schtick.

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I agree that he's the poster child of the week, but he really needs some French cars to qualify for the deeper levels, of which we will hopefully be seeing in future weeks. Also, more pictures of the Utes, please.