What's The Most Useless Feature On Your Car?

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Yesterday's QOTD dealt with the fact that like Leon, cars are getting larger. And they probably ain't going to stop. Besides the bloat due to perceived safety, a good chunk of you felt cars are packing on the pounds because of more and more junk features. Why have one sunroof, when you can have two? My peeve for today: auto-dimming mirrors. Are we that lazy? Also, do you know that these things leak? And, in the case of Acura TLs, frigging explode? The chemicals used to make the mirrors dim all on their own tend to pretty toxic, too. Mercury anyone? End rant. You?


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dculberson: I think a race-prepped (read: all luxury items removed) LS400 would be a lot of fun. Shed 1,000 pounds worth of leather and little electric motors.

I'm intrigued by your ideas. And if the LS's V8 uses the same bolt pattern as the Toyota inline 6, then a six speed from a Supra would complete the transformation.

Back on topic, I hate remote fuel door releases. In severe winter weather, I've pulled the release before and found that the door did not pop open, as it was frozen shut. This leaves me standing outside a gas station, swearing profusely, as there is no notch to use to pry the door open. That never happened back in the days when fuel doors simply got opened by hand.