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Smart To America: Why Not Drive 18-Wheelers?

Illustration for article titled Smart To America: Why Not Drive 18-Wheelers?

OK, not really. But in this Newsweek interview with Smart USA President David C. Schembri, he smartly responds to the timeworn, "isn't bigger safer?" with, "The logical conclusion to that question is that we should all be driving locomotives or 18-wheelers." And good for him. Anyhow, it's a playful interview considering the source and Mr. Schembri even claims the backseatless Smart is perfect for teenagers. Click on over to find out why. [Smart Car: Dumb Idea?]


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The Russians have a locomotive with wheels so no tracks needed.

Still I do worry about what happens when a Smart gets hit by the soccer mom on the cell phone inexpertly driving a Hummer too fast. There are some vehicles that are for suited to invading Poland and there are some that are suited for soccer moms to be toting around Westchester in. The sad thing is that people have confused one for the other. Dog forbid you get hit by one.