Nissan Sued For Fire Death in Street Racing Accident

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A lawsuit filed against those responsible for injury or death in a street racing accident isn't unheard of as negligence is usually involved, but there's a new twist to a lawsuit filed today in El Monte, California. In addition to naming the two racers, the $100 million lawsuit also includes Nissan Motor Company. The accident involved a Ford F-150 and Mustang that broadsided a Nissan Altima, causing the car to burst into flames, which is where this gets all litigious. Details after the jump...


An autopsy showed that two of the victims survived the accident and burned to death. The attorney for the family of the victims claims that the gas tank/fuel system was configured negligently, which was to blame for the fire. The attorney compared this to the Ford Pinto and said that many Altimas have been involved in similar accidents. We'll follow this as it develops. [MyFox LA]

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I don't know the speeds involved, but there are some risks you just have to accept when you step into a car. If Eddie Griffin slams an Enzo into your car at top speed, you will die. Is it Nissan's fault that their car can't sustain a hurtling mass of carbon fiber and Italian dreams slammed into you at 200+mph? No. Sometimes, bad things happen, and you can't prevent them all. My condolences to the family that's suffered the loss, but we (the US) have got to stop lashing out at people who are only tangentially responsible for things and deal with root causes.