Commenter of the Day: We So Horny Edition

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You knew this was coming. Though with the insane amount of what seems to be high school testosterone flying around this joint there were many more big dorky losers than winners. I'm guessing about 72% to 28% depending on the breaks. Still, the gold buried in that 28% is quite shiny. Picking just one winner for COTD honors at first seemed like quite a task. But then, b.borrman stepped up to the plate and knocked the ball out of the park.

The Bonus Question of the Day (BQOTD for those who track such things) was, "What would drive on a date with Jezebel's Slut Machine?" Today's winner said:

Being a dragon, I [am] much more interested in which car SHE'S driving.

Mr. Borrman, between both teams, Jalopnik and Jezebel, we collectively don't own enough hats to properly tip at you. And for the record, Slut Machine's car appears to be just a 2-door Camry. Sorry man.

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@Charles_Barrett: SATC? Yuck!

@jonnylieberman: Not all of us gays watch that crap, and I'm not particularly inclined toward Italian footwear but it is quite nice.