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Project Car Hell, Tiny Truck Edition: Simcamino or Cony?

Illustration for article titled Project Car Hell, Tiny Truck Edition: Simcamino or Cony?

Today we've got our first Project Car Hell Tipster T-shirt winner! Pixel unearthed these fine truck projects for us, and look how cute they are! How could such happy little haulers ever cause you to writhe in the flesh-searing flames of the damned? Not only that, but either one of them would be incredibly useful when it came time to haul parts for your next Hell Project- just figure on taking a weekend or two and a couple hundred bucks to get your Tiny Hell Truck into shape, then you'll be ready to take on something truly hellish. Dang, we're making this too easy!


First thing you need to know about this 1958 Simca Aronde Interdante pickup is that it's a movie star! It comes right from MGM Studios in California, where it was driven by actual movie stars in... well, the seller doesn't know. But who cares? This is a genuine Simcamino, straight from the land of reliable pickup trucks: France! Hmm... once we look at the listing a little more closely, it becomes apparent that the estimate of "a weekend or two" for a total restoration might have been on the optimistic side. First of all, there's rust; in the seller's eBay-description-spec CAPS LOCK style: "IT HAS VERY FEW MINOR SPOTS THAT'S HARDLY WORTH MENTIONING, THE BACK OF THE FLOOR PAN INSIDE THE CAB IS THE WORST PLACE, BUT IT'S AN EASY FIX." Easy fix. Yes sir, won't be any body-rot surprises with this car! Oh, and it needs a windshield, so you'd better brush up on your French. It's been upgraded with disc brakes from some Mystery Donor Vehicle, and you get a genuine (and perhaps functional) engine as part of the deal. The auction ended yesterday, but nobody could meet the reserve price- shoot the seller an email and make an offer he or she can't refuse!

We all dig the Simcamino, of course, but what if it's just too big? You need a truck that can fit inside a typical studio apartment, a truck that you can drive right into Costco to pick up that pallet of drinking straws! You need this 1969 Nissan Cony! Now, don't be misled by the photos into thinking that you get a nasty ol' fully assembled truck. Oh no, the seller has thoughtfully disassembled it for you, scattering the components all over the place and scrapping the cap in the process. Then there's the matter of the doors: "so not to be disleading when I dug the doors out to take the pics at sometime something tipped over on them and the both have a lil work that needs to be done to them know but they were almost finished." It's got a 2-stroke Suzuki engine that's totally complete, except that "1 jug and cyl head is missing." That's no big deal, anyway, because: Hayabusa!


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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

OH MY, I glanced at the PCH preview pics, and figured it was a large box truck. Then I look at the ebay page, and its a cute little match box truck! I mean look, the whole thing fits in the bed of a truck!