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Exclusive Video From New Death Race Movie Features Mean-Looking "Dreadnought"

While we knew going in the Death Race "trailer" we posted earlier wasn't the real thing, our sources tell us like the Jason Statham screen shot we showed you last week, the video we've got up above is absolutely the real thing. It's some behind-the-scenes video from the new Death Race movie. That vehicle you see running through an industrial wasteland (that appears to look a great deal like a prison) is something called the "Dreadnought" and we're told it's up to no good in the Race all about the Death. Embargoes threatening our own "Death" prevent us from saying anything more. No need for us to give Universal Studios a free 40 points at our expense.


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@Fitty7lax: @sos10: All Peterbilts look very similar, and this is no exception. If the jokers truck is recycled, that's less money the producers have to spend, leaving some for more spectacular effects. Or maye not....