The Sette Mobile Lives On In Infinite Time

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Seeing that '84 Toyota Celica in DOTS today triggered a vague memory of an Alameda Celica from back in the day, something having to do with high school. So I checked my Alameda High yearbook and, sure enough, there's a full page in the back featuring a Celica from the same era as our DOTS car. Several of the kids in the photo were my friends at the time, but I have no idea who owned the car or what the whole "Sette Mobile" thing means. But still- this Celica lives on in infinite time (and Sonjay "loves" the Surf Punks), and it may well be the same car I photographed a couple weeks back.


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Someone explain the whole 'sweater over the shoulder' thing to me. I lived through it, and didn't understand it then. Looking back, I understand the hair, I understand the disco music aberration, but for the sweater, I got nothin'.