New Clip From New Knight Rider, Still No Turbo Boost

No turbo boost in the first 15-second teaser of the new KITT, no turbo boost in the second, 30-second commercial for NBC's new Knight Rider, and now we're here. How sad is it there's now a third video — a minute-and-a-half clip from the new Knight Rider movie/show now up on the interwebs, yet still no turbo boost. Yes, sure, there's plenty more moments of the new Shelby-fied Ford Mustang GT500KR-powered KITT in action and there's the new shots of the new Hoff-ness, Mike Tracer. There's even some great ignition sounds of the big 550-HP 'Stang — but there's certainly no boost of a turbo nature. Although we hear Ford's working on that.

[via Knight Rider Online]


Jeff Glucker

Does the new Hasselhoff have a barbwire tattoo on his arm, Oakley razors on his head, and a Calvin-peeing-on-the-Chevy-bowtie sticker on the rear window? Also, I think he has a single bazooka sub in the back and blasts the new Nickleback CD...