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Jalopnik's Anthem?

Illustration for article titled Jalopniks Anthem?

A reader named Franzouse sent in the following:

I was recently listening to Gil Scott Heron's "We almost lost Detroit" (a great tune btw) and immediately felt 1. that this song would be better served if I listened to it in a malaise-era Caddy, 2.This song makes me think of Jalopnik. I figure a QOTD on which music to listen to while hooning would get way out of hand (if it hasn't already been done) but how about a search for the hymn/anthem of Jalopnik? I wonder what the commenters would offer.


Hmmmmm... This is a good one. Maybe something from Opeth? Well commenters, what do you offer?

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Jeff Glucker

What about Cake - Going the Distance...

Reluctantly crouched at the hooning line,

Engines pumping and thumping in time.

The green light flashes, lets eat some pickles,

Crashing and hooning, they yern for that bag of nickels.

They poorly manuver and muscle for rank,

Everyones drunk and their breath is stank,

Wreckless and wild they pour thru the turns,

Their car is useless and it's oil does burn.

As they limp thru the finish the flags go black.

The fans get up, but then they fall back.

The arena is rocking except for one man,

Still hooning and swearing as fast as he can

Shit, i am downloading this as we speak...