The Chevy 350 V8-Powered Scion xB Defies Stereotypes, Logic

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As we become a more automotively diverse culture you're bound to see dozens of modded Scions and JDM Nissans with Fairlady badges on one side of town, and some good old boys in their Camaros and small-block powered Novas on the other. Rick, of Whitemarsh, Maryland, has found a way to roll with both crews by dropping a stroked 350 V8 good for 450 horsepower in his 2004 Scion xB.


Oh, and to make things better it's also been converted to RWD (so it's theoretically drivable). There's no telling how much money has been put into this car, but according to his estimates there's been at least 10 months worth of work done on the car to get it converted, painted and ready to drive. Wouldn't it have been easier to just use a Hayabusa? [CarDomain via CarScoop]

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@Torqahontas: I was gettin' ready to say...

Can you reach out from the driver's seat and thump the ass end of the tranny now? Does the shift lever simply stick up out of a suspiciously-transmission-shaped doghouse? I'm guessing yes to both.