Commenter Of The Day: Mary-Louise Parker's Long Legs Edition

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For those of you who don't visit our sister site Wonkette, we thought we'd mention that the State Of The Union is happening tonight. In fact, it's the last SOTU we're going to get from our current president, and we already have the drinks lined up for the 8th annual George W. Bush SOTU drinking game. We're looking forward to the lip service and pandering to various automotive "green" issues such as ethanol, hybrids and hydrogen. If we're lucky, we might even get a nod to some sort of fund or blue ribbon commission committed to ending our "addiction to oil" and, maybe, supporting our addiction to El Caminos.


So what does that have to do with Mary-Louise Parker, her long legs and COTD? Well, there's a marathon of The West Wing on, and they're showing episodes from the third season and if there's one good reason to watch it's Mary-Louise Parker and her left leg, if there's a second reason it's her right leg and when you combine them it's maybe the best reason of all. Seriously, getting to the point starting... NOW. We did a post earlier today about Mitt Romney getting Detroit dollars and Giuliani getting money from Roger Penske, which led to this great observation from Ash78:

To be fair, Penske's donation did include loaning numerous rental trucks to help Giuliani get his campaign back home from FL.


This is to say that Giuliani made a big gamble, betting the farm on an easy win in NY and a lot of delegates from Florida and, with a week to go, it's not looking like it was the best bet. We love politics.

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@POLAR: uh, Polar, remember I posted a comment under PCH? Well, I take that back, this is indeed your nastiest post (along with the one baiting Charles.... ugh). Oh good lord they are some nasty (well, you fill in the blank!)...