Chicago Auto Show: Chrysler PR Team Learns Photoshop, Makes Challenger Fly

Illustration for article titled Chicago Auto Show: Chrysler PR Team Learns Photoshop, Makes Challenger Fly

Employing the same skill as a 12-year-old grafting his head on Eli Manning's body, Chrysler's media team made the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 fly. There are so many problems with this 6th grade photochop that it would occupy us for the rest of the day trying to make fun of them and we couldn't bring you live pictures of the Ford Transit Connect. We've numbered the seven most obvious errors, bad clones and just outright injustices. You identify them and hopefully add some more. UPDATE: While we don't mean to imply the Challenger's not jumping through the air with the greatest of ease — the p-shop-job done to the car we think would make anyone doubt the veracity. But Chyrsler PR claims it happened and we'll even see video to prove it in a short while. [Source: Chrysler]


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Rob Emslie

Well, the biggest hoot is 6 - the flat-spotted back tire indicating that it is supporting the rear of the car, rather than flying free like superman.

4 is pretty good too- no a-arm extension despite the almost 5 inch drop of front tires.

2 is the mis-alignment of the reflection in the gunwall.

1 is obviously the shadow placement and shape, but I'm going to give them that because they were probably running out of time and were really excited about getting this up on their bedroom wall.

3, 5 and 7 - I'm running out of interest to continue this examination.

No where are those hi-rez shots of the sexy sexy transit van?