Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Production Model Revealed, Coming To Geneva

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If you're the type that prefers the looks of a drop-top to a coupe, then this should make your day. These are the first shots of a production model spider of the Alfa Romeo 8C that will be shown at Geneva next month and yes, it's the drop-top version of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Wert fell in love with this summer. Hell, even a coupe guy like myself has to admit that it is an achingly beautiful car. I don't even particularly like white as a color, but somehow when you look at an Alfa 8C, you just don't care what hue it's in. Alfa say they plan on making only 500 of the beauties, which means that we probably won't be buying one used on the cheap anytime soon. Which is a damn shame because the 8C's power will come from the same sonorous 450 HP 4.7-liter V8 under the hood of the coupe. And with the top down, we're sure it'll sound even better. Press release after the jump.

Alfa Romeo at Geneva's 78th International Car Show

Alfa Romeo once again unveils its new models onto the world market at the Geneva event. Indeed, following on from the Alfa 159 and Brera in 2005, the 159 Sportwagon and Spider in 2006, and its Personalisation Programme going by the name of "Alfa Unica" in 2007, it is now the turn of the alluring Alfa 8C Spider.
Undisputed centre stage on the stand, this new car inherits its coupe sibling's winning formula that shook the motoring world. Put together by Alfa's Centro Stile and production limited to 500 cars, this new open top immediately entices with that unmistakable "Italian elegance", a unique and inimitable style that hints at its typically sporty Alfa handling.

Under the bonnet is a powerful 8 cylinder 4.7 litre engine producing 450 HP, matched to a 6 speed robotic gearbox, the new Alfa 8C Spider is truly beautiful, powerful and rock solid, where its gracious lines and dimensions gel perfectly with typical Alfa Romeo engineering and drive-ability. Needless to say, alongside this attractive Spider is the Alfa 8C Competizione, the epitome of Alfa Romeo's innovation in the fields of engines and engineering, heightened competitiveness and continuous technological research.

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