Volkswagen T3 Retrofitted For Wilderness Espionage

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen T3 Retrofitted For Wilderness Espionage

You should think twice about your off-roading outdoors adventure vehicle, because it would seem that an old VW T3 is all you really need. This T3 has been outfitted with off-roading wheels (compared to the inflatable inner tubes on the stock T3), a safety-jacket orange paint job to distinguish the van from a bear for hunters and enough gadgets and gear to do damn near anything.


It's loaded with gadgets of all types including multiple computers, cameras everywhere, flat panel displays, DVD players, 600-watt surround sound system, GPS gear and more. The roof of the T3 has a couple solar panels to provide some juice alongside large supplemental batteries.

This T3's original lawnmower-esque engine has been updated with a 1.9-liter TDI. All of this hotness comes at a price, as well. This VW T3 van is valued at approximately $152,000. [AutoBild]

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Rob Emslie

He'll get eaten by the bear before he figures out which key fob unlocks the doors.