Rollsachero, Or, How To Put Grey Poupon On Your Hot Dog

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We have covered the Rolls Royce that knows how to party before, but on this Maximum El Camino Day we have a new argument for naming it, and much better pictures. Though Rolls' are pretty cars with a lovely pedigree that leak oil on your garage floor, picking one from another in the malaise era is tough, so we're just going to call it a Rolls - but what about that suffix? Previously we called it a Rollsamino, but if you look back through the lineage, a strong case for -achero can be made.


Rolls Royce has been passed around in its history, the recent back and forth between BMW and VW was a bit of a drama, but before that the Rolls Royce brand was owned by the British company Vickers. Now, Vickers was a industrial company more in line with aero-engines, steel, and the Ministry of Defense, but they also acquired the Cosworth brand in 1990. Said brand has a well known affiliation with Ford, and was sold in part to none other than than Ford Motor Company. Rollsachero, now that's a twisted path to an inane naming convention if ever there was one.

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Rolls Royces of this era used GM/Harrison/Delco A/C compressors, so a Rolls-Camino could be correct too.