Bob Lutz Is On Our Side! Thinks 'Pontiac G8 El Camino' Name Is Great Idea

As you know we were just present for the live reveal of the 2010 Pontiac G8 El Camino here at the New York Auto Show. After diving into the press scrum that surrounded Bob Lutz after the unveil, we managed to ask him the most important question of the day - What do you think about naming the the car the "El Camino". After handing out dozens and dozens of "Vote El Camino" buttons today, including to the live band the "Young Lords", various press and peeps, and to Mr. Lutz himself, we just had to know the answer. Maximum Bob's response both surprised and delighted us.

Bob's response: "Well, I personally like the name, it has instant name recognition". We're considering nominating Mr. Lutz as Vice President of Jalopnik's Awesome Division. Perhaps we'll put his name in the masthead under the title of "El Camino Loving GM VP". Now that we know we have a man on the inside, the momentum is going to be inevitable.

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Jeff Glucker

Wow... Meg Ryan really let herself go...