Cincinnati Reds Toyota Truck Giveaway Is A Bit Of A Sham

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Taking a cue from a similar Kansas City Royals promotion, Toyota has a giveaway going with the Cincinnati Reds for the upcoming baseball season. The promotion has a Toyota Tundra perched in the outfield. The deal is if a player smacks the Tundra with a home run, it will be given away to a lucky fan. The average baseball fan wouldn't know it, but there's a hell of a catch.

The car is 502 feet away from home plate and 65 feet above the field level. A little math by the folks at Red Reporter determined that on an average calm day the ball would have to be hit at 134.5 mph off the bat, which is damn near physically impossible. Furthermore, the folks did more math and determined that on a balmy 90-degree day, a strong right-handed hitter with a 15 mph tailwind could maybe get it to the truck. Way to go, Toyota. Earn those advertising dollars! [Red Reporter via Deadspin]

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Jeff Glucker

Did you say their moving the Isoptopes to Albuquerque?!