The BMW M3 Takes You Through The V8 On A Real Fantastic Voyage In "Performance"

As we've already shown you, the new BMW M3 is a hot bit of precision machinery. While it is essentially a modified 3-series, the real difference is the M3's 4.0-liter V8. Trouble is, nowadays you pop the hood and you're overwhelmed with all sorts of plastic and coated metal covers. So BMW decided the M3's V8 engine was deserved of a Fantastic Voyage of a trip on the inside of this magical metallic marvel of modern technology. That's right, this commercial isn't some newfangled computer-graphic simulation. This is good ol' fashioned footage— you know, shot with cameras. Special holes had to be precisely cut for the tiny cameras to peek through, and other holes for just the right amount of lighting. The end result is a masterfully-shot, slow-motion micro-documentary of the beautiful process known as internal combustion.


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Jeff Glucker


That is so beautiful...