2009 Honda Pilot

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Earlier today we asked all of you in the Detwa area to see if you could grab a photo of the 2009 Honda Pilot, and one of you rose to our Honda Pilot spy photo challenge by snapping photos so quickly that you beat an actual spy photographer that tried to do the same thing. Props to Steven Menlen who was in the Ypsilanti area and grabbed some great photos. We'll be contacting you soon with information on the $500 smackers you earned. In the meantime, everyone enjoy photos inside and out of the new Pilot.

As you can tell, there's not a huge difference between this an the concept, other than a revised headlight and a bit more curve in the hatch area. The interior for this particular model is interesting as well.

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Rob Emslie

This being Detroit, I note the one under the tent has already been stripped.