Mysterious Single Seat Lakes-Style Hot Rod

Illustration for article titled Mysterious Single Seat Lakes-Style Hot Rod

A very mysterious custom hot rod showed up at the Lone Star Rod & Kustom Round Up last weekend and it's caught our eye. The single seat, lakes-style inspired roadster is sleek and smooth with some very cool tricks up it's sleeve. The car is powered by an inline six sporting a straight pipe running down the side and a V12 distributor — good for a dual spark head. Not too much info out on it yet, but the folks at the HAMB are on the case, so we'll know what schedule bolts were used on the seat bracket in no time. More details and images over at Jalopy Journal.

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This is one very unique piece of machinery. I clicked on one of the pictures in the attached article, and the instrument panel had "miller" in raised letters. Very Curious!