Details Emerge on Lakes Style Speedster

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We told you what was needed to figure out the details on that sweet black lakes-style hot rod was to just sit back and let the HAMBers do their thing. Of course we were right again, as they've clawed a ton of information out in just a single day. First and foremost on the neat-o list is that engine its unbelievably a Datsun 260Z mill made to look like an old Miller/Offenhauser inline six — very trick. The car was built by a first time body man by the name of Jim Pendleton out of Texas and the build is fairly well documented across several sites. It's pretty nicely built and aside from the Datsun motor the rest of the build appears to be period correct. Jealous.

[MetalShapers, Webshots, 2008 Round Up, and Jalopy Jounal]

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Rob Emslie

Wow, the built-up faux DOHC valve cover is pretty cool. I had forgotten that the Datsun L series engine wasn't a crossflow. Talk about using what ya gots.