The Volvo XC70chero Brings The Dream To Sweden

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There's a stanza in a Stephen Malkmus song that goes "And the trashed young Scandi mistook me for a Swede. her slurred medieval accent was like a puddle at my feet. You could see chopped tobacco in her teeth." This made us wonder if Swedish people actually were into chewing tobacco and, by extension, if there were Swedish rednecks... because where there are rednecks there are El Caminos. Did this mean that there were Swedish El Caminos? Indeed. Here's a prime example of an XC70chero (owned by Ford) looking awesome outside the Volvo Museum. To make it better, it's being pulled by a six-wheel XC90chero. Pinch us.


As the web's finest accountants of all things-amino, we'd have to say this is the first XC70 truck that we've seen but we like it. Given its AWD setup and ultrawide B-pillar, we're seeing a lot of Subaru BRAT in this design. And that's a very good thing.

[Bilfeber via Carscoop]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@Number_Six: Yeah! awesome. It wouldn't be that special if we were talking about Madonna or some shit.