Ana Really Likes Her Lexus LS400

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You really have to wonder about the person sitting on the other side of the DMV table when this proposal for a custom plate slide across the desk to them. Hmm. ANASLEX, nothing wrong there, right? Nothing could possibly be misconstrued as incredibly hilarious offensive here. Nope. Maybe the disturbing number of car sex stories lately has gotten to us, but we think Ana might want to reconsider this one. (Thanks Ken and thank you state of Ohio)



Living in SoCal, I see all kinds of Priuses with smug vanity plates. I like passing them on my bike knowing that I'm just as efficient as they are, but way faster.

That being said, I briefly considered seeing if I could get a 'LOL EVO' plate for my Subaru, but I don't really buy into such childish rivalries (it's those damn Ford boys that I'm after - I'm looking at you, Gronholm, Hirvonen and Latvala).