Honda Pilot Loves the Accident Prone, Ballooning Nudists, Jetpack Enthusiasts

The three latest ads for the new 2009 Honda Pilot only reaffirm what Honda wants us to think about owners of Honda's square SUV. Honda Pilot owners are accustomed to encountering very strange individuals like the accident-prone blog-readers, Brat drivers, ballooning nudists and jetpack enthusiasts. These three ads use the unlikely scenarios to tout some of the better Pilot features like the back-up camera, navigation system and fuel-efficiency. If you regularly encounter similar situations, the Pilot may be for you, but you should probably check out our Honda Pilot review just to be sure. [AdGabber] (Thanks, DaveTheBrave)

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I hope the nudists remembered their towels to sit on. That's, you know, nudist etiquette.

Did I just give away too much about myself?