What Car Would You Like To See Get Electrified?

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GM thinks that buyers are going to want a small, economical electric/hybrid car, a la the Chevy Volt — and much like the EV1, actually. Tesla thinks we'd like what is basically a responsibly green Lotus, though they also acknowledge our desire for more room with the Whitestar. Nissan thinks we want an Electric Cube, and, you know, we sort of do. We certainly sing the praises of the Se7en Electric; that's a no-brainer. But what car, or what type of car, would we like to see electrified? Cheapo small cars aren't a bad start, given the lower weight and lower cost, but is that going to move the market? What do you want? What should they build?



Rob Emslie

I'd like a fusion-powered Fusion. With the inclusion of heavy water Ford could return to the '70s advertising tag of "Road-hugging weight". That or a battery-powered Harley Davidson so I could have an Electricelectraglide.