Lamborghini Flown From Qatar To Britain For $45,000 Oil Change

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A wealthy Arab, possibly a Sheik, sent his Lamborghini LP640 a whopping 6,500 miles from an airport in Qatar to Heathrow to have the car's oil changed. The total cost of the shipment was around $40,000, which doesn't even include the $7,000 for the oil change itself.


So what's the man on the street think? Well, apparently, exotic car owners are pleased to see that a fellow gentleman of means is taking care of his car, as are Lamborghini salesmen. The average Brit, at least the average Brit interviewed, is horrified by the carbon footprint created from shipping a car, especially a gas guzzler, that far for an oil change.

Joe Blow UK's reaction of outrage mimics a similar outpouring of detest from earlier this year. Remember, this is actually the second time this year, at least, that our English friends have been up-in-arms about car shipping. Remember how upset Sir Paul McCartney was when his Lexus LS600h hybrid was flown in from Japan earlier in the year.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Though we're sort of impressed by the guy's commitment to proper care and maintenance, just because you can afford to do something like this doesn't mean you should. Are there really no shops in the Middle East that can handle an oil change on the new Lamborghini? Seriously? This is the perfect opportunity for a wealthy Jalopnik reader, or a group of readers pooling money together to head on over and open one up right now. Think about it — we'd be rich just working on the Sultan of Bruneis' garage. (Hat tip to Daniel and goatrope!)


[Photo/Story: The Sun]


Rob Emslie

Seven grand for an oil change? Man, that's a Jiffy-Lube manager who's getting employee of the month.