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Roewe 550 Sports Edition, With Bonus Haiku

Illustration for article titled Roewe 550 Sports Edition, With Bonus Haiku

Those of us living in the United States will probably never see, let alone have the opportunity to buy, a Roewe product, but the brand marches on, and the Roewe 550 Sports Edition shown here is proof. What it adds to the standard 550 we have no idea, other than the go-faster boy-racer body parts. Despite Roewe being a Chinese brand, we couldn't help but bust out a haiku on the subject.


Now snapped on film
550 Sports Edition
Roewe Flavored Rice

[More images at ChinaCarTimes]

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dammit, please delete "now" in second line... sheesh, can we please get an edit button??