Evil Clint Couldn't Bear To LeMon-ize His Yugo, Fixed It Up Instead

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Last spring, we saw the '87 Yugo GV of Clint, the Evil Genius Racing welder who built the Black Metal V8olvo's roll cage. Back then, Clint had an idea he'd make the Yugo into a 24 Hours of LeMons car... but it was just too nice. Instead, he applied a few months of work and a bunch of parts, and now it's one of the nicest Yugoslavian cars in Northern California. We're disappointed that it won't be racing, but here's your chance to be the star of the Marshal Tito Cruise Night in your hometown! [Craigslist Sacramento]



In opposition to my earlier post, the upside of the Yugo is that if you like to wrench on cars, the Yugo will keep you entertained. And as a (very) basic place to start from, there's mounds of Fiat 124 hop-up bits to be had that bolt right on, so if you want to upgrade your ride, the upper boundary is way, way up there, and you can come away with a little commie clown car that can rock the Mustang boys back on their heels.

And they won't hate you for it. The Mustang boys understand and respect competent mechanic skills. When you race your car against theirs, they know it isn't about the cars, the same way a competent basketball player knows it isn't about the shoes.

It's about the guy who built the car, and the guy behind the wheel. So in that light, welcome little Yugo. I bear greetings and respect for your master.