Chevy Cruze, Revealed Live Before Paris

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Yes, friends, we're live at GM's Paris Motor Show preview to bring you this live reveal (not from Paris) of — the Chevy Cruze, the econobox you can't ignore. It's coming to Europe in March, 2009 and the United States in April, 2010, and as we already know, it'll be powered in Europe by your choice of a 150 HP turbodiesel and two gas-powered engines. We'll have more pictures in a few minutes.



Not bad at all, on looks and fuel economy alone (assuming the quoted figures are accurate), I'd take one over the Civic. The Mazda 3 would be another story, at least until someone reputable gets actual wheel time with the Cruze.

Who knows, maybe this time around, GM got their small car design good enough that they don't have to rename the model for each generation to avoid carrying on the negative image of their predecessors. We might actually see 2nd and 3rd generation Cruzes building on the competence of this one.