Bloodhound SSC Gang To Attempt To Break 1000 MPH Speed Mark

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Andy Green, former RAF pilot and current holder of the world land speed record, and Richard Noble, the driving force behind the Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC speed record cars, today announced they were signing on to the new Bloodhound SSC project intended to break the 1000 MPH mark. If they get there, they'd smash the current record by more than 200 MPH. Since the Bloodhound SSC has the backing of the British Science Minister, the team is hoping funds on the order of $16 million will be relatively easy to come by. The key components — the engines — have already been figured out.
So far, the Bloodhound project has received a donated Eurojet EJ200 fighter jet engine that should propel the car to about the 300 MPH mark. At that point a "hybrid" rocket will take over boosting the vehicle to the 1000 MPH point — and beyond. Of course, the whole Bloodhound will be a hybrid — a jet/rocket hybrid. That's the kind of green engineering we can get behind. [AutoMotto] (Hat tip to Matthew!)

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Bob1967 - 999,999th visitor to this site.

'Andy Green', not quite the same ring to it as French Count 'Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat' has it.

And I thought the Euro-Fighter engine (Which in effect I part paid for out of my taxes - So I want my name on the Cup!) was to get it to Mach 1 and the hybrid rocket was 'just' (lol) getting it up to the required Mach 1.4?