Honda cuts RWD, V8, S2000 replacement programs

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In addition to the NSX supercar, Honda now plans to cut RWD, V8 engine and S2000 replacement programs due to theCarpocalypse. Still, there’s one item of good news.


In an effort to cut development costs, Autocar says it looks like the US could finally get the same Honda Accord as the rest of the world. Currently, a separate model is developed for the North American market while the Euro model is sold as the Acura TSX. This policy has always confused us, subtracting many tens of millions of dollars from Honda’s bottom line. We don’t know when this would happen or even if it will.

Autocar goes on to report anything seen as wasteful or unnecessary is being cut from Honda’s development cycle. This includes a V8 engine, something Honda engineers have long resisted building, and a slew of rear wheel drive Acuras intended to drive the brand upmarket.

The saddest loss will be the convertible version of the forthcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid sportscar. That means there’s no direct replacement on the cards for the S2000 when it ceases production at the end of this year.


Honda will now concentrate on building fuel-efficient models like the 2010 Honda Insight and the world’s first hybrid city car, based on the Honda Fit. [via Autocar]


I knew Honda wouldn't actually produce a V8. Honda V8s have been rumored for over 15 years, and nothing's ever come of it.