Lutz: Saturn Has Good Cars, Still Probably Dead

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According to Automotive News, on-the-way-out "Maximum" Bob Lutz claims despite a bevy of "good cars," GM's Saturn brand's probably dead. Simultaneously, we're also hearing Saab talks have broken down.

The concept of killing the Saturn brand makes sense — it's the most standalone of any of the General's brands.

Since they're all single-brand dealerships, Saturn dealers are the easiest to kill. The rest on the chopping block like Saab, Pontiac, Hummer or GMC? Not quite as easy given the sales channel changes of the past decade mean killing one brand will bring about all sorts of lawsuits from the dealers who recently forced to add the brand to their sales operation.


Of course, FoMoCo News is reporting CNN International claims Saab talks have broken down. So who knows what the final plan will look like at the end of the day tomorrow. [Automotive News, FoMoCoNews]

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I had a 1993 saturn that I ran up to way over 200K miles (odomoter broke, so I really don't know how high it actually got) It was a great little car. The original saturns and even the ones up to around 99 or so were built so well. The biggest mistake was when they discontinued the Stationwagon version..its a shame that GM forgot about the original mantra of the brand.