What Car Has The Best Face?

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Marlowe said Helen of Troy had a face "that launched a thousand ships" and after looking at profiles and rears it's only fair to ask what car has the face to launch a thousand dragons?


For this answer we're going to once more dip into the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage and select the 1937 Duesenberg Model SJ, a car which encapsulates the aspirations of the industrial revolution in chrome. More than just lights and bumpers thrown on a car, the SJ is evocative of a train, a factory fence, a zeppelin, and a voluptuous but cruel woman. Look at it dead-on and there's no mistaking the Duesenberg for anything but a statement on the owner's wealth and taste. The wide fenders speak to the car's speed, the curvy grille beckons onlookers to appreciate the car's engineering prowess and the shiny bumper screams "get out of my way" to anyone entranced by it's visage. It sold for $2.8 million and it's worth every penny.


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Honestly, that's just like a man. The first thing he notices is the ass end. Then it's the profile (no doubt so he can ogle the curves), and it's not until, what, five days later that he finally bothers to look at the face.

Just typical. Men are such pigs.