What Car Is Most Rock 'n' Roll?

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We're at the SXSW music festival in Austin and everyone is in a band but few have made it. If they make it they're going to need cars. What car is most Rock 'n' Roll?


While an obvious and completely acceptable answer may be some sort of sweet piece of ZZ Top-esque chromed glory, we think there's a vehicle more in tune with the true heart of American rock music: the 70s/80s era American panel van. First of all, Rock 'n' Roll is about Detroit and so an American-built vehicle is appropriate (though we're open to other options). While 80s hair bands drove around in stretch Lambos with hot tubs out back, the reality is most of them got their start tooling around in a big white panel van. It's a true sign of commitment to an art form. If you're willing to delay the Ferraris and Bentleys by putting yourself in a giant, uncool and unattractive vehicle just to move around your gear (and have a place to sleep) you have the commitment to make it. Plus, it's one of the few vehicles that can take you to band practice or, if need be, host band practice.

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