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Wohnwagen: A Seedy Yet Intriguing Interactive Photo of Various Cars

Illustration for article titled emWohnwagen/em: A Seedy Yet Intriguing Interactive Photo of Various Cars

We found this on a Dutch blog with very little explanation, but an underlit trailer park with a caravan, an Impala and a Gallardo is already exciting enough. Potentially NSFW.

Use the arrows and the plus signs to click around the image at various hot objects—LucasArts style—and discover people doing, well, things. Many of the people are well-endowed women. Make sure you click with the sound on as the creators have made an excellent effort at depicting audio depth.

Warning: While nothing explicit happens in the pictures, there is enough implied seediness to make this potentially NSFW.


Source: Qinetiq

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This is the future of what I masturbate to.