T-Topped 1977 Dodge Aspen For $5,150!

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you think that an Aspen vacation is exclusively for the wealthy, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a surprise for you- a highly optional 1977 Dodge Aspen that you can afford!


Yesterday you decided that the force was not with the seller of a particular '80s SUV. Today, we're going arboreal with a Dodge Aspen that's willing to flip its lids for you. When they were introduced in 1976 as replacements for the venerable Dart/Duster/Valiant line, the Volaré and Aspen appeared ready to meet the competition from Ford and GM head on.

Unfortunately, as admitted by Lee Iacocca in his autobiography, the pair had been rushed to market, and lacked the testing and R&D time that would have caught many of the problems that plagued early adopters. The rusting fenders, stumbling engines and shoddy build quality issues were mostly addressed by the time the ‘77s were rolling off the line, but that was too late, and the F-body twins became poster children for the sweet malaise of American manufacturing craptitude.

But all that shouldn't stop you from appreciating this lovely example of an Aspen Coupe from 1977. From the "watch out where the huskies go" paint color to the 145bhp 318 V8 this car is all original. And nothing says original 1970s like a hot set of T-tops. That's right, just like a Corvette, you could pop out the glass panels and toss them into the trunk for all your melanoma inducing pleasure. The juxtaposition of the T-tops and the opera window-bedecked padded vinyl top mean this Aspen will be ready for anything, from a night on the town, to the early bird special at Olive Garden. And its yours for the taking.

The seller claims that the car is "highly optional" and who are we to disagree? It's still nice to have an option, and the inclusion of such niceties as an 8-track tape player, working cruise control (possibly meaning the throttle sticks) and two fender tags only sweetens the deal. And what a deal that is; $5,150 is the asking price for everything you see- 2 tops, 4 tires, 8 cylinders and lots of miles to enjoy that white leather interior, leaking top seals, and ponderous handling.

So, does $5,150 put this Dodge at the T-Top of your list? Or is that price as padded as its roof?

You decide!

Illustration for article titled T-Topped 1977 Dodge Aspen For $5,150!
Illustration for article titled T-Topped 1977 Dodge Aspen For $5,150!

Madison craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. Thanks to tempesjo for the aspending tip!



"Highly Optional" Well that says it right there. Does that mean it's metrosexual? Or by optional, do they mean, "it's ok as a second car, because in no way will the reliability allow you to use it as your primary transport"? Besides, that leather interior is WHITE!?! If I am going full on Ricardo Montalban era MOPAR, I want a dark reddish-brown Rich Corinthian Leather vibe. But that's just me. You could easily pump up the volume in the engine bay. No easy way to fix the handling on these though, they wallow like a pig. The torsion bar front end has to be replaced with aftermarket coil-overs just to get it to handle as well as your average Crown Vic.

So no. Tis crack, my fellow Jalopniks, crack.