2011 Ford Mustang GT?

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A member of Mustang fan-forum StangNet caught this camouflaged mule last week in Santa Monica. While the back end looks straight 2009, we're told it may be a powertrain tester for a possible "Boss" V8-powered 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

Here's what forum poster GoDogGo has to say:

While the rear appears to be a standard mk1/2009, the front end used modified 2010 bodywork with additional venting in the middle of the hood and what appeared to be a slightly different front valance.

What can't be seen is the rumble — Far deeper, far louder than a standard GT. While it's possible that it's a powertrain mule for a Shelby or mid-range "Boss" variant, the standard GT brakes would lead me to believe it's 2011's new V8.


Although it'd be helpful to get a closer look at the front of the 'stang, we've got to believe Ford's out testing the new engine line-up in sunny SoCal as well as the seriously sunny and sweltering Death Valley. We'd also expect Ford'll still find a way to put the Boss between the rails of the next Mustang GT — despite indications otherwise. Take a look at the shot again over on StangNet and tell us whether we're looking at an application of the new "Boss" V8 or something more Shelby-like. [StangNet]

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I hope it is, and I hope they replace the current V6 with the Ecoboost V6.

Then we would really see some interesting pony car wars.