Porsche-VW Merger Closer, Could Be Called Auto Union

Illustration for article titled Porsche-VW Merger Closer, Could Be Called Auto Union

Prominent umlaut-junkies barked today that Volkswagen and Porsche have finally agreed on a merger, making Porsche the tenth member of the VW family in a partnership that could resurrect the Auto Union name.

VW is reportedly set to buy a stake of up to 49 percent in Porsche, although VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has given assurances that Porsche would remain an independent brand, as is Audi. This is a marked change in affairs since Porsche, which still controls a stake of roughly 20 percent of VW, attempted to buy VW earlier this year. Sales projections for the combined companies are estimated at more than $171 billion from as many as 6.4 million vehicles.

It is currently unknown whether the VW/Porsche "Auto Union" will collaborate to produce some sort of bulbous rear-engined car. [Automotive News (Subs. Req)]

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Poland is going to be next.