Low-Mileage Jeep Grand Wagoneer To Be Clunkerized

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As if the death of a somewhat troublesome Maserati BiTurbo wasn't bad enough, a dealership in Bloomington, Indiana is preparing to execute this supremely reliable 1989 Jeep Wagoneer V6 4x4 with just 67K on the odometer.


According to our tipster, this Jeep is in good condition with a clean title, minimal rust, and good tires. A little detail work and it would be a classic cruiser. Alas, we know its fate. Seriously, Save The Clunkers!


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Maybe this has been covered before, but isn't the government doing us a big favour?

Seriously, the worst thing about pretty much all of these clunkers is their engines. What did the monster V-8 in this make? 120 hp?

Basically, the government is filling junk yards with otherwise-complete, desirable, semi-classics that come with a damned good reason for an LS1/5.0/hemi/diesel swap, and you guys do nothing but bitch...

Some may see the destruction of jazzy cars and future classics. All I see is Swaportunity.