Honda CR-Z Gets Production-Intent Body For Tokyo

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Honda won't be unveiling the production version of their upcoming CRX-throwback hybrid-hatchbacked CR-Z at next month's Tokyo Motor Show. Instead, they'll reveal what we guess is the next best tease thing, the production-intent Honda CR-Z concept. Gallery below.

Honda's still calling this new 2009 version CR-Z a concept, but it's very clear this'll be the interior and exterior design we'll see when this little wedgie hits the showroom floor next year in Japan and sometime after that here in the United States.


We're still expecting to see the 1.5-liter four-banger under the hood mated to Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid powertrain with a six-speed manual rather than the CVT from the Insight hatchback. Whatever's under the hood, we're happy to see the CR-Z's form factor over the Insight any day of the week.

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I remember the CR-X. Now here is the CR-Z. Was there a CR-Y in the intervening years? Perhaps we've all repressed our memory of it because it was too traumatic.