What's The Best Urban Warfare Vehicle?

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There's no longer speed limit enforcement in Detroit, the Carpocalypse is ongoing and the police are destroying their own buildings. The streets will soon be the new battle zone and we need to know: what's the best urban warfare vehicle?

As far as new vehicles go, we've been impressed with the Ford Raptor, which we used in a less than urban setting. It's one of the fastest trucks you can buy and is setup for when the roads quickly start to crumble from disrepair. We've also driven when in the mean streets of NYC and found it to handle like a better-riding and more refined F-150 with increased ground clearance. The mixture of quickness, obstacle-tackling, and brute force make for a great urban warfare platform. Just take out the back window and bolt on a kevlar-lined bullet-proof cap on the back and you can sleep in it as well.


To quote Tracy Jordan: "Everyone needs to take a deep breath, calm down, and start preparing their bodies for the Thunderdome, because that is the new law." What's your ultimate urban warfare vehicle?

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I vote for the Honda XR650L. Of course it has a 37 inch stock seat height and my inseam is about 29 but I got mine down to about 35 and I manage, somehow.