Kia Readying RWD Genesis-Based Sedan

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According to AboutCar, Kia presented this sketch of a Hyundai Genesis-based RWD sedan in Korea last week. The Kia K9 is expected to first birth a concept, then a production model during 2011 using a 385 HP V8. Update!


The sketch was presented by Peter Schreyer, the man who designed the original Audi TT and now heads up design for Kia. The company is owned by Hyundai, often selling even cheaper vehicles than its Korean parent so the K9 shouldn't come as a surprise in anything but how much car we expect to get for a medium amount of money. Like the Genesis, expect a full-size sedan equipped with a range of engines that will likely including the V6 and the Ward's 10 Best 365 HP Tau V8. [AboutCar via AutoGuide]

Update: MotorTrend's Todd Lassa's been saying since July that the next-gen Kia Amanti would be built on the Genesis this is nothing more than confirmation. [MotorTrend]


A Korean K9? Sounds delicious!Oh...wait a minute...

To compound the problem of just how...unfortunate...the name is, BMW might not appreciate the, ahem, homage to the headlight design seen in it's recent concepts...