Morons Bail From Car While It Slides On Ice

Here's what not to do when your Ford Fiesta slides on ice in a tiny English village. And, yes, jumping from your car as it spins will get you run over.


Here's the story as the videographer tells it:

Shocking driving condtions in Paignton on the busiest shopping day of the year. The car is barely moving but the hill makes stopping impossible and both people in the front of the car decide to jump out?????

The couple were warned by neighbours not to venture out that day and they were the only people to attempt to drive on that road. There were numerous pedestrians around who could barely walk on the black ice so a car really stood no chance.

Near the start of the video you can see a recovery truck. This had been stuck there, blocking the road for 3 hours and didn't move for another 2 hours after this incident.

The reason the video ends abruptly is because my wife and I raced downstairs to see if there were any injuries to the couple. Once I made it past the red cars in the right of the frame, it was clear that several people were seeing to the couple around where the car ended up.

Pretty obvious to see why many people are finding this so funny but believe me, not one person who witnessed this was laughing at the time. My wife and I felt physically sick, as did many others. Thankfully, the couple involved didn't suffer any serious injuries. More importantly, no pedestrians or children were hit by the abandoned car.

PLEASE, check your local roads before setting out on a journey. Listen to local radio, speak to neighbours and try to avoid being part of incidents like this.

Merry Xmas all!


Jonathan Harper

Wow. How could they have really thought that getting out would be a better option?