2011 GMC Acadia Denali: Who The Hell Buys These Things?

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Want a Chevy Traverse seven-seat CUV, but have an abundance of cash combined with a complete lack of sense? Buy the $40K+ 2011 GMC Acadia Denali, it's got unique fascias!

The so woefully badge-engineered Traverse also features such exciting features as body color lower cladding, "Denali" badges, dual chrome exhaust tips and a complimentary wedgie by Bob Lutz for being stupid enough to pay more than $29,224 for a traverse. Hooray for the new GM and it's world-beating vehicles lame badge-engineered crossovers.


The only thing on the Denali that actually sounds appealing is the laminated glass, triple door seals and added sound deadening that, besides adding weight and reducing fuel economy, should make the interior markedly quieter.

The Acadia Denali is scheduled to go on-sale in the third quarter of this year, but GMC still hasn't announced its official price. Considering the Chevy Traverse-based crossover already goes for $40,490 in SLT-2 trim, the Denali's not going to be a bargain. That better be an awful quiet car if it's carrying more than a $11,266 premium over the Traverse.

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