CT&T C Square Is _______ Challenged

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Take a look at this shot and try to figure out exactly how the CT&T C Square electric roadster is challenged. Below, we'll close the door to reveal the answer. Hint: it's one word.


Got your guess in your head? OK, check out the gallery below, then come back here to see the answer below.That's right, it appears that CT&T, maker of the multi amphibious EV, is so proud of ripping off the Tesla Roadster, it's emblazoned a slogan for its lack of creativity on the side of the vehicle in sunset decals. We're guessing they left the "L" and Y" off of "Creatively" and the "D" off of "Challenged" just like they left the "D" off "C Squared."


Did you mean the 'L' and 'Y' off of 'Creatively'? Cause otherwise I'm confused.

Also - Ooh, look! It's Barbie's Dream Car(TM), if Barbie were a pleather-wearing woman with natural sized ... headlights.