Mini Countryman Crossover: First Photos

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Someone leaked shots of what is clearly the new MINI Cooper crossover and they show off everything about the new car — except whether its called the Mini Countryman or Mini Crossman. More pics of the biggest Mini below.


Thanks to an anonymous tipster to World Car Fans, it's obvious the newest variation of the MINI Cooper will include the ALL4 AWD system as expected. It also seems the all-weather Mini has the larger headlights, more aggressive front fascia, and highter ground clearance previewed on the Beachcomber Concept.

More details sure to follow as BMW reacts to potentially having their secret blown early ahead of the Geneva Motor Show official unveil.




The roofline is alright and the overall proportions are okay, but for a crossover it's not very rugged, and not nearly as interesting as the Beachcomber. I'm wondering if this is an "S" version (as suggested by the logo on the back) that is a sporty version. If that's the case, I'm not impressed - the only point I can see in this vehicle is a more versatile Mini for coldweather climes and the like, and an S version just makes it seem like a silly exercise in vanity.