Hyundai Genesis eBay Deal Going Sour, Bidder Talks To Jalopnik

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One man's saga of trying to buy a Hyundai has gone sour. As promised, we've been on the phones all weekend trying to help, rather than acting as bystanders rehashing forum posts. Our exclusive talk with the bidder below.

As a recap: "McFly," the poster at GenCoupe, thought he'd purchased a used Hyundai Genesis Coupe from Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, Kentucky for a very reasonable $16K via an eBay auction, compared to the $25K price for a fully loaded, new 2.0T Premium model. Unfortunately, when he went to collect the car the dealership denied they had to honor the bid.


After calling him a psycho and threatening to sue, the dealership eventually agreed verbally to get him a car after pressure mounted from websites and forums.

Unfortunately, as soon as they thought terms were set McFly started to have his doubts. In phone conversations with him this weekend he told Jalopnik of the demands the dealership was putting forward; including that he stop writing about the experience (which he complied with) but get everyone else to stop writing about it too.

According to McFly, he continued to act in good faith until it was discovered there was a difference between the verbal agreement they made to get him to take down the post and and the written agreement they sent him. At that point McFly acquired legal help and put the posts back up. With a baby on the way any day now, McFly is hoping to get this resolved swiftly and with a minimum of time wasted while he has more important things to deal with.

"I'm appreciative of what everyone's done, though things are still not rolling. I appreciate what [Jalopnik] and everyone on the internet has done."


We promise to keep vigilant, McFly.

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That's the universe trying to step in and help you out, bud.

If 16K is all you want to lay down on the car, put it on a Cobalt SS.

Yeah, it's just a Cobalt. At least it ain't a Hyundai. I mean, dang.

Meanwhile, start calling folks in the networks. I'm surprised the larger media hasn't picked up on this. Republicans in Massachusetts, Haiti's got the shakes, blah blah blah. This is important. This poor guy is about to get stuck with a Hyundai.