Forzalopnik: Round One, Group V

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High noon is a drama-filled time. To add to the excitement, here's the latest vote for Jalopnik's Forza Motorsport 3 car pack. You can make a difference — oversteery, fun-filled democracy in action below!


This is poll number five. The basic instructions can be found below. If you just want to get down to business and vote, jump to the bottom of the page.

Here's how this works:

1. If you want a specific car to win, you need to promote it. Drop links in forums, email your friends, use teh Facebooks, and tweet your heart out. The BMWs that made the cut yesterday did so thanks to BMW Blog and Facebook. The GMC Syclone had help from, and the Fords, once dawdling at the bottom of the polls, got a helpful push from Ford's Twitter account. (Notice that the Chevrolets fell off the list? GMBlogs and Chevrolet didn't put the word out. This stuff matters.)

2. Voting will take place Monday, January 25th through Thursday, January 28th. The results, along with an extra car chosen by the Jalopnik staff, will be revealed on Friday, January 29th. The car pack itself will be released this summer.


3. In order to provide the greatest possible choice, we began with a list of 120 vehicles. For logistical reasons, it has been broken down into twelve groups of ten cars each. Voting takes place in a tournament-like stagger: Monday and Tuesday consist of three twenty-car votes, with each vote paring twenty cars down to ten. The winners from those polls will hit the semi-finals on Wednesday, and those winners will move on to the finals on Thursday. Each poll closes at midnight on the day of the vote.

4. If you skipped down to the bottom and were too lazy/distracted/caffienated to read any of the above, this is all you need to know: Three times each day, you'll get a list of cars. We'll tell you how many to pick. Pick that many. At the end of the week, we'll do the math and tell you what's what, ending with a list of fifteen cars. Get it? Good.


Click on the gallery below to see and read about the fifth set of cars. When you're done, come back here to vote, and don't forget — the next poll takes place at 1 PM EST!



Disclaimer: Cars pictured are for reference purposes only; appearance and specification of vehicles scanned for game usage may vary. Looking at the gallery will not give you an epileptic seizure. Probably. I have never given anyone a seizure, but a friend of mine once set an old BMW on fire by cramming too much autocross tire underneath it. No one had a seizure then, but the chief registrar turned three different shades of blue and came pretty damn close. Me, I just sat there and basked in the smell of burning undercoat. Ahh, brain damage.

Miss the earlier votes? The first, second, and third polls are now closed, but you can view them here, here, and here. The fourth poll, which went live today at 11 AM EST, is here. The sixth poll, which went live at 1 PM EST, is here.



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Ahh, fer cryin' out loud! Someone call me when the video game JFG series is over.

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