Craigslist Cressida: "I AM GAY" Sticker Will Be Removed, Dildo Shifter Stays

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The line between people sharing their sexual preferences and people selling their cars on Craigslist has been crossed in this ad for a heavily modified 1987 Toyota Cressida with a giant "I AM GAY" sticker, dildo shifter and paintball gun.


The 87 Cressida shares a number of parts with the same generation Toyota Supra and is therefore a target for parts swapping. It's also, it seems, a target for gay paintballers seeking drifting machines. You'll have to read this and move through the pictures to fully appreciate how odd this listing is even by Craigslist standards:

FS/FT: 1987 Toyota Cressida - $2000 (Puyallup)

I am looking for 240sx S13's or a AE86 Corolla GTS COUPE'S ONLY. Willing to take coupe or hatch S13's Price is really best offer.

If the car is 4lug when sold you will be provied with stock wheels. WHEELS IN PICTURES NOT INCLUDED.

1987 Toyota Cressida
5MGE Engine has 120,xxx miles on it from a Supra
Chassis has 240,360
New Motor was put in at 240,00MI
Car was originally a Auto
Clean Title

The Goods:
The "I AM GAY" sticker will be removed....
New Headgasket
New Timing Belt
New Cap
New Rotor
New Plugwires
Resurfaced 7M Flywheel
New XTD Sprung Six Puck
MK3 Supra W58
New Clutch Master
New Clutch Slave
New Steel Braided Line
Clutch Pedal From MK2 Supra
Dildo Shifter 10"
Power everything

Heat is a bit iffy works sometimes but always blows
Has oil leak from Front Main Seal (new one will be provided if not already installed)
Stereo has no memory I am too lazy to wire it up correctly
Sunroof doesn't open completely
It's pretty stock
Depending on how long this takes to sell/trade You will need to provide your own wheels.

(If still 4 lug when sold) R32 GTS-T 5lug 16" wheels
MX83 Front Shocks
MX83 Front Hubs
MX83 Front brakes
This all depends if I get the 5 lug done or not.

We'd like to point out that although the "I Am Gay" sticker will be removed, the 10" dildo shifter is all yours to keep. (Hat tip to MCheese)



Patrick George

Man! This brings back memories. My folks had a Cressida wagon of that same vintage back in the 80s/early 90s. Same color, same interior, same goofy power-seat belts. To this day, I don't know what the point of those were.

It was a good-sized RWD wagon with a decent engine. My dad loved it.

I don't think ours came with a dildo shifter. Maybe that was optional?